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Drug Possession and Sale

Simple possession of drugs can be kept off of a persons criminal record in many cases.  I have worked out diversion for all kinds of people including people who live out of state.  Keeping a charge off of a persons record can have huge ramifications for that persons future.  You need a lawyer who ca urge the State to give you a second (or third) chance.

There are also many cases where a defendant has a good case.  For example, can the State prove that the Defendant knew that someone left a joint in the center console.  A good attorney knows the laws and how to conduct an interview with the officer so that the State cannot make its case.

Possession cases are often the best cases to take to trial because there are often suppression issues and the risk of losing is often low.

Do not handle a possession charge by yourself as the State will not always offer you what you deserve.

The Law Office of Michael A. Burkhart

Michael A. Burkhart has over ten years of experience defending the accused throughout Phoenix, including cases in Mesa, Maricopa County, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, and Queen Creek.


Arizona has the toughest DUI laws in the country. The State will try to put you in jail for up to six months, take away your license, make you pay thousands of dollars in fines, go through alcohol classes, and put an alcohol sensor on your car.