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Aggravated DUI

A charge of Aggravated DUI is always a very serious charge. An experienced DUI attorney can make a huge difference on the penalties you receive for a charge of Aggravated DUI.

A good case always means a Defendant should get a good result.  That is a given.  But an experienced attorney can negotiate a great outcome even on a bad case.  Good advice and strategy early in the process can pay great dividends to a defendant down the line.  Depending on the case I can:

  • minimize any time spent in custody
  • get you work release or work furlough and save your job
  • minimize the loss of your license
  • avoid a felony

The Aggravated DUI statute is long and complex.  I know the ins and outs and can you you avoid pitfalls other attorneys don't even know about.

I have taken Aggravated DUI cases to trial and received a Not Guilty verdict. These charges can cost a Defendant everything.  A good attorney can save everything a person has built.

The Law Office of Michael A. Burkhart

Michael A. Burkhart has over ten years of experience defending the accused throughout Phoenix, including cases in Mesa, Maricopa County, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, and Queen Creek.


Arizona has the toughest DUI laws in the country. The State will try to put you in jail for up to six months, take away your license, make you pay thousands of dollars in fines, go through alcohol classes, and put an alcohol sensor on your car.